So one lunchtime, with a few January blues still lurking around the office, we decided to book a spontaneous team trip to Copenhagen. Point 1 – it wasn’t actually a ‘work’ trip. The first thing everyone asked us was is it a jolly?”,  “which media owner is taking you?” The answer was no, this was our own money and strictly leisure, just work pals hanging abroad one weekend.

Point 2 – could we really do CPH on a budget? The answer was yes, well kind of. We are fortunate enough that one of our colleagues is a Scandi babe and owns an apartment in Vesterbro and was more than happy to squeeze all eight of us in to her one bed (It was large enough for a lot makeshift beds and well, what better way to get to know your teammates than to hear their snoring!) So with £70 Rtn EasyJet flights and free accommodation, at 4pm Friday 17th Feb, we were out the doors of Maxus and en route for a booze-filled, sightseeing heavy two day itinerary.

At this point, I should probably mention that Mathilde (Scandi babe) is our team project manager, meaning that I’m not joking when I say we had an epic itinerary planned and this is why you should take note of this post if you’re planning a weekend in CPH anytime soon.

Mathilde’s apartment was situated close to the regenerated Meatpacking District in Vesterbro, which is a pretty cool area. On Saturday morning, we easily rented bikes from a nearby shop then cycled to Noerrebro, through Assistens Cemetery before a quick pit spot on a cute street of Jaegerborgsgade. Here we found danish delicacies from Meyers Bageri and I am not joking when I say these were the most HEAVENLY cinnamon buns that I’ve ever tasted! This street was also lined with beautiful boutiques, although everything I picked up came with a pretty hefty price tag, so be prepared to pay a bit more than home if you like what you see. It was also here that we found out that it a totally normal thing to leave your baby asleep in their prams in the street whilst the parents’ are inside having lunch. What, why, how? Verdict goes, it’s a super safe place but also it’s a fact that apparently babies sleep better in fresh air… a concept that blew all our minds except Mathilde’s!

Meyers Bageri

Meyers Bageri


Much like in Amsterdam, cycling is THE thing in CPH. Everyone has a bike and we found the roads to be pretty bike friendly with separate cycle paths almost everywhere you go. This also felt like the easiest way to not only see the city but to get around and it only cost us roughly £15 to rent a bike for the weekend.

Laura Gao outside Gao’s!

We then cycled over Dronning Louises Bridge which crosses the lakes in the centre of the city and saw Torvehallerne; the food market before ending up at Stroget –  the main shopping area in CPH.

We stopped for lunch at a traditional open sandwich restaurant which was bustling with locals meaning we were obviously in the right spot. A few Danish schnapps later and we were back on bikes heading to Nyhavn – home to the picturesque harbour and colourful houses. At this point I was getting a sense that CPH is such a cool city. I haven’t been to many countries where I instantly had that feeling that I could actually live here but I did with Copenhagen; even if it had only been half a day at this point! Ha!

Nyhavn Harbour

Nyhavn Harbour

From here, we walked over to Papiroen (Paper Island) the city’s first street food market which felt similar to something you’d find in Hackney; Street Feast / or a Dinerama vibe but a bit bigger. I imagine this is  pretty awesome spot in the summer, as it overlooks the city’s waterfront and is a good place to hang with friends – an excuse to go back and visit! 

After a long and epic day cycling the city, we stopped for a drink in Vesterbro before getting pizza take out from ITZPITZIPIZZA to line our stomach’s before heading back out again. If you’re looking for good place to go for the night, we headed to the nearby meatpacking district which had plenty of bars that’ll keep you there until the early hours. 

Braving the Sunday hangovers, we headed to WestMarket, an indoor food market which was exactly what we needed after a heavy night! It’s filled with plenty of food stalls selling anything you can possibly imagine and here it felt slightly more upmarket than Paper Island. The group then split into two – half to headed off to lawless Christiana and the rest of us saw the lovely street Værnedamsvej – lined with cool shops and walked through Frederiksberg Garden.


Christiana: photo’s courtesy of Chloe Guest

Copenhagen doesn’t feel like an overly touristy place. It isn’t about queuing for tourist attractions, there isn’t your Times Square or Eiffel Tower – except perhaps Nyhavn but that’s stunning. Visiting CPH feels more about being amongst the culture and the lifestyle – cycling, eating, drinking, exploring.

Paper Island

Would I go back again? 110%. What I absolutely won’t do again is fly back at the crack of dawn on Monday morning and go straight into the office.. 

Trip in a (long) sentence?  A lot better than I’d ever imagined. I worried that being with work people, it would feel like we hadn’t left the office and all we’d do is talk about work. That wasn’t the case (well, we did chat about some office gossip obvs) But in summary CPH is ridiculously cool city with beautiful people, expensive coffee but with to-die-for cinnamon buns and a shit-tonne of bikes. We all loved it and had a great time!  #ChorusdoesCPH

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