Calling all meat lovers in London! Street food is a concept that we are all familiar with and one that’s exploded over the last few years but I think it’s fair to say that few do street food as well as Smokestak. ‘Oh my god it’s amazing’ are words that I’ve heard 99.5% of people say with a mouth full of to-die-for brisket.

I first came across Smokestak at Glastonbury three years ago and have since seen it at pop-up’s such as London’s Dinemera, Street Feast and also doing the summer festival circuit at Secret Garden Party, Lost Village to name a few. And yes, it really is THAT GOOD.

In the pouring rain at SGP, we queued for our Smokestak (randomly next to Millie Mac & Pro Green..) and then went back for more hours later! ‘You were here earlier?’’urm nope, you must have me confused with another girl’  100% was me.

Leaving the pop up’s behind, Smokestak have now opened a permanent restaurant situated just off Bethnal Green Road. YES! Here you’ll find the same classics brisket bun with pickled red chilli for £8.50, beef brisket for £9.50 but also an array of new options; sprouting broccoli tempura (£3.50), roasted aubergine with red miso & cashews (£8); to jacket potato with smoked rarebit (£5)  For us, the no 1 was the beef rib with pickled red chilli. At £15.50 – this is the most expensive item on the menu but as it melts in your mouth, it’s worth every single penny.

If you’re a veggie (James Yorke) then perhaps this isn’t the best place for you but for everyone else, what are you waiting for? I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Location: 35 Sclater St, London E1 6LB

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